One Hundred and Ninety Four Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi buddy! We had a terrific sunshine walk this morning. You saw an excavator at the place where they’re building another house for humans. They are building the house super duper fast, they’re on the second level already! Your favorite thing to do when we see a digger truck is to show the stuffed animal friend you brought with you and make all the truck sounds that you can think of.

Next up we took a walk down cat row. It’s a street where there are a lot of kitty cats who roam around and sleep underneath cars. We stop and point to the cats that we see as we are walking. There are four cats at one house! Sometimes the cats make eye contact with me, sometimes they don’t… it all depends on their moods. Cats can be smug little creatures who rule the roost. I loved our cat, Bella, she was the best cat friend I could have asked for. We would cuddle, nose boop, and keep each other company when the humans were gone. She’s been gone for a year now. I still miss her to this day. I go into the extra bedroom and lie on the floor like I used to when she was around. I have little conversations with her and tell her what is happening. I think she’s still able to hear me. Alright, I gotta nap li’ dude, we have a whole afternoon ahead of us. 



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Standing guard for my brothers.

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