One Hundred and Ninety Three Paws

Dear Kimmy,

I’m back today with another entry for you because something really big happened yesterday: dada went on the longest run of his life! He ran for 40 miles in the sunshine and rains from 5:30 in the morning until 2:30 in the afternoon!

We got to see dada when he would come home in between each ten mile loop. I would run to the front door after you and holler, “DADA!” You’d back the situation up with tail wags and running around the family room. It was a super exciting morning and afternoon. Mama took you and I in the car on an adventure mid-morning. We got to listen to this song about, “The eye of the tiger,” and I rang this metal bell thing when we saw dada on the road. I rang it really loud the second time we cheered him on.

You sat calmly and watched out the window. I know that you understood that we were cheering dada on, but I think you were a little bit concerned about why he wasn’t in the car with us. We always travel together these days as a family. I like that because then you’re always with me! After we woke up from our nap we got to see family outside, I road my bike on the grass and the driveway and we saw dada cross a toilet paper finish line. It was super exciting! I wasn’t sure why there were so many family members there but, guess what? I can say all of their names now! I was happy to see them and be on my bike! I took my bike off roading in the bark by the wetland and then we played more in the house. Dada had to do some sitting so I cuddled him and we played as a family. I love you Kimmy-Kim. Have a nice nap, 



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Gotta nap when I can, wherever I can!

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