One Hundred and Ninety Five Paws

Dear Leo,

Hello brother! It’s a sunny/cloudy/rainy/sunny/partially cloudy kind of day in our neighborhood. I love it when the sun takes the rain away. We romped about in the back yard quite a bit before we had the banana time. I try to keep close to you to make sure you’re safe and enjoying your time but mainly being safe.

Sometimes I’ll nose boop your project to check and see what exactly it is that you’re working on. This can be an epic dog fail, especially if it involves dirt, because you see, dirt will then be placed upon my head or body in a gleeful manner. I don’t mind the dirt so much, as I do the brushing that takes place afterwards. I’m not always so sure about what is happening when I get a brush down from the mom or dada. Right now I am laying on their bed and watching mama type my words out.

I had an epic afternoon adventure at the place that shall not be named, shhhh, ok, lean in, you ready? THE VET! Dada took me there and I was super concerned about why mama and you were not with us, but I didn’t make a big fuss. I knew I was safe and that you loved me. So I sat and relaxed on the seat while we took our adventure time in the car. Dada said I did a really good job going into the vet and they were actually very nice to me. No one stuck anything into my bottom and I listened when they lead me into the, “check if you’re sick doggy,” space. I have a skin allergy and it comes out when the weathers change. Sometimes when I am stressed it becomes a little bit worse. We’re at that stage now, so the big humans decided it was time I see my vet. The best part of the experience was getting to run back into the house to you and mama. I checked all the smells of me and then laid down in a corner to watch you. I’m pretty exhausted and sleepy. I think I will go and nap. Love you lil’ buddy,



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Hydration station, yard time.

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