One Hundred and Eighty Paws

Dear Leo,

Today, WE WENT ON AN ADVENTURE! I loved it. I curled up in the seat next to you, took in the smells and watched you gobble up some fresh fruits. I’m not into the blueberry deal too much, so I didn’t mind that I wasn’t given any as a treat. If it had been crackers, well, now that would have been another story, but that’s me digressing, back to my purpose here…. where was I? Oh yes, our adventure! We visited our cousins Kate and Anna! I love them so much. They’re these teenage girls who love to give me pets and bum scratches. They loved on me when I was super tiny, as a new pup in our home and I always remember how much love they sent my way. It helped me tremendously to grow and get stronger when I was sick with the parvo sickness. 

The bigger cousin graduated. I’m not sure what all of that means, but it’s something big because the Auntie and Uncle put up cardboard signs on the lawn, which, as I was writing about yesterday, is yet another strange custom of humans… but never the less, they did. The sign was huge, sparkly, and quite fun, as mama said. You were ecstatic to see your cousins. You like to say their names over and over again like this, “Kaaaaa-te and NANA!” I sniffed, licked, and panted while we all hung out in the car visiting from a long distance away. I missed visiting with my four pawed cousin Daisy. She’s my best friend that has paws. We play and run after balls together. Sometimes she gets grump-ies with me if I get in her space too much, but that was mainly when I was a much younger and inexperienced puppers. I know better about boundaries now, for the most part. 

We had a grand time talking, panting, laughing, and pointing with the family. I’m not quite sure why we couldn’t get out of the car and really go visit, but seeing them was terrific. I miss the visits from the family. They all need Kimmy love too you know. I have a feeling that we’ll get back to play time with them soon though buddy. I know you love and miss them too. 



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Shadow play time.

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