One Hundred and Eighty One Paws

Dear Kimmy,

We went on an adventure together with mama and dada in the car today. I loved it! We haven’t been going on daily car adventures in a long time so it was exciting to head out together on a journey. You make me so happy when I look across the back seat and see your doggy face. You leaned into the seat and sometimes rested your head along the back window to look outside. You had lots of smells through the windows and sunshine along the way.

Mama and dada danced in the car when we had to wait in a long line for the coffee beans. I told them, “No, no, no, no,” and laughed and then you laughed and panted along with me. They are so strange sometimes, I know that you agree on that whole heartedly! We all had a snack before we headed back on our adventure route to home.

We passed by an airport and I said, “Jet, jet, jet!” while pointing them out to you! We also passed by lots of trucks, diggers, and cranes. We tried counting some of the cranes but there were so many of them and we passed them quickly! Mama and dada said I was a good sport, and were you too. We were in the car for a while because we drove out for the adventure, waited in a long line, and then had the sun shining on us as we headed home. We had lots of water sips, snack, and music along the way though, so it wasn’t difficult to be happy. I love you Kimmy. Thank you for being my adventure partner puppy dog! 



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You gotta check out all the toys and give them good solid sniffs.

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