One Hundred and Seventy Nine Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi lil’ dude! Things have been a little bit off the last four weeks of our life journey. For starters, you, dada, and the mama are always home. I enjoy your presence, but sometimes I, the dog need a little bit of space. Mama makes that space for me by summoning me upstairs to the dada while he teaches in front of the black box thing. But, in all dog honesty, I prefer to be near you and mama, even if that means you chase me with wheeled things and think it’s a game.

Secondly, you and the mama haven’t been going to the pool place, the books smelling place, or anywhere else for that matter. I’m not sure who all these people are that drop off squares, bags, and rectangles on our door step. It’s rather discouraging, to be honest. I try to keep up with it all, but I mostly sigh and roll over these days. Human beings are such strange creatures. You all have the funniest traditions, rules, and privileges. Sometimes you break them, but mostly they are maintained by the mama and dada because they’re the ones that rule this roost. Although, you and I both know that we actually rule the roost, right buddy?

Thirdly, I would like to draw a pact about the wheeled objects. If I am on a bed space, I don’t wanna play, if I am in full play mode, ears perked, tail wagging, and wiggling from side to side: game on kiddo. Did that make sense to you? I hope so because right now one of those wheeled contraptions is in the closet, “sleeping,” because you were playing a game that just wouldn’t end with it and me. I wasn’t too fond of it so I relaxed upstairs for a while. I love you so much lil’ dude. Thank you for always trying to play with me. 

Love your old pal sister, 


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“So what exactly do you want me to do with these toys?” ~Kimmy

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