One Hundred Seventy Two Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi buddy! It’s another sunny day in the neighborhood. I had a little tummy trouble this morning. Sometimes when that happens I end up drooling a lot and then the big humans worry about me. I know you worry about me too, because you say my name and then, “Boo-boo?” So I am pretty sure that you understand how hard it can be to have a tummy that feels upset.

I’m resting in the piano room right now. It’s nice and cool and dark in there. I had a splendid time lounging in the sunshine with you and mama. You were quite busy with your dump trucks and balls in the back yard. The game you came up with to play was silly! You decided to bring your dump truck up on top of your play structure, push it down the slide and add some sound effects to it. Then you would slide after it and run around and do the whole thing again. I investigated your game a few times. Mama and dada cheered you on and then you lounged in the deck chairs a little bit. You couldn’t decide which chair should be yours so you had all three chairs in a long line and said, “No dada,” when he wanted to sit down. Good thing I’m a dog and that I sit on the ground, or lay on the ground. I enjoyed my towel in the sunshine, thank you very much! I’m going back to napping now. I love you buddy. 



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