One Hundred and Seventy One Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi. Guess what? The sunshine is back! Hazzuah! I heard mama or dada say that once and I wanted to try to say it once too. What do you think? It means something along the lines of, “Hooray!” Anyway, today was exciting. On our walk we saw lots of birds, squirrels, and flowers. You love to boop this one particular flower bush on our last block of our walk. You always say, “Mama or dada, (pointing) and ooh oooh!” You get quite excited about it, and admittedly, I do too because there are some great dog smells underneath that bush. I am always well acquainted with the spots with the best smells. This was a new location because the big humans wouldn’t let me explore underneath that bush, but now that you’re interested in it, well it’s a different story!

So I pull my harnessed self way far underneath the bush and I soak in all the smells. Sometimes I am in the middle of a long scent hall and I forget where I am. Mama has to haul me out from underneath the bush which she doesn’t really like to do. You always emerge from the foliage cradling a tiny leaf or something along those lines that pops off in the expedition. You will hold it all the way back home and then put it into your big boom! And for those who might read this and are unaware of what a boom is, it’s a large truck. I love you buddy!



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