One Hundred and Seventy Three Paws

Dear Leo,

It’s a beautiful morning! The sun is shining, I got lots of warm rays soaked into my back and you’re enjoying the weather in the yard. You are so into scooping dirt, placing it into your truck bed, dumping it, and then bringing them onto your slide. I like to watch you and check to make sure that everything is going well for you. It’s one of my doggy duties.

Another activity that we do well is watching the continued construction behind our house. They’re mainly working on painting the building right behind our house. We still hear lots of noise from the other building while they work on the deck building. You love to say, “Boom!” When the big dump truck and crane come to move things from the ground to the roof and vice versa. I romp around when you say, “boom,” because it just feels right. Ha! You’ve also really been into the wheeled toys in the house as of late. For example, the wagon, the indoor car, the baby stroller, anything with wheels. You’re going through a big stage of, “testing the limits,” as mama and dada say.

Sometimes you try to bump me with the wheeled things, but that’s not an option and we work through that with the big humans. They’re always near and working on these things with you. I don’t mind mostly, even if I have to share my bed with them, but I don’t like it if the toys touch my paws. Paws are: off limits! Better go check on you!



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