One Hundred and Sixty Eight Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi buddy. Sometimes I wonder about things in my doggy mind. Do you ever wonder why things are the way they are, or why we are where we are at in life? I often wonder why I was brought to Oregon with my doggy sisters. There were six of us in all. We originally lived in what Mama and Dada say is Southern California, which I have previously explained was warm in temperature and climate. I get more and more used to the rain here at home, but it’s not my preference of choice.

Back to what I was saying, I often wonder why we get to where we are in life. I think that I was brought to Oregon so that I could help our parents. They needed me and they found me just in time. I needed them too because my puppy tummy was sick, but I didn’t know that yet! I remember being worried and scared about the reason why I was in a strange place after being brought home. I remember mama cuddling with me on the couch all night long and pushing into her with my paws. I remember our cat sister Bella sniffing me and laying near me, all the while sending me happy kitty vibes. I think all of it combined, helped me to heal. So that’s why I lay extra close when I sense that you need it. It’s also why I lean in when I can tell that the humans need my energy. We all have something we can share and help each other with. I love you baby. Thank you for being my brother. 



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“Hey mom, you’re really close to my face right now. Just sayin’.”

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