One Hundred and Sixty Nine Paws

Dear Kimmy,

Hi best friend! One of my favorite things about the morning time is that we have special cuddles when I wake up. You usually come and get me and lean up against my bed. I like to reach my hand out and wiggle my fingers into your side. Then I hear the, “Thump, thump, thump,” sound of your tail and I know it’s time to start getting up.

You help me with our morning routines and then I like to boss you around downstairs, or at least I feel like I can because I’m told what to do all the time. So naturally I need someone else to take care of, right?! You are such a patient dog with me, even when I lecture you about not laying on my spot on the couch and laying on your bed. You look at me and sometimes goose me in the face or ear and walk away. Thank you for listening to me Kimmy. Life can be hard when you don’t have a friend by your side. I know that you’re always going to be next to mine. 



© 2019-2020 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

Thanks for being by my side buddy dog!

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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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