One Hundred and Sixty Seven Paws

Dear Leo,

Today was the day, the day of the long mama walk in the morning! I was a little bit naughty with our walk once we were near the excavator truck. I had a hard time focusing on my job to, “sit and stay,” while you and mama discussed the in’s and out’s of the truck business. I was pre-occupied with some very important scent trails. In fact, I was so much so preoccupied that at one point on our way back to the home path, I was stuck on a scent and mama kept going! I leapt back after you and fell into a rhythm with the mama.

Don’t worry! I would never abandon my doggy duties. You’re all my people and pack. I must stay with you to assure we maintain our rightful order of things. Right now I’m taking a nice long snooze on the big human’s bed. I went up on my special blanket a little bit early because you were pushing a big wheeled toy around and I was very concerned about the wheels bumping into my paws. I didn’t want to get in the way of the play time, and I was not sure where to put my doggi-ness. Mama sensed this and she found me a cozy spot that I could rest in. I’m grateful for when the humans realize the important things I am trying to communicate in life. When this happens, I feel like we are in synch or, “jiving” well with one another. I love you lil’ guy. Thanks for our play times so far today. Have good dream! I’ll see you by the slide! 



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“Let’s go for a ride!”

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