One Hundred and Sixty Six Paws

Dear Leo,

Greetings buddy! I heard mama use that word before and I thought I would try it out. What do you think? Is it fitting for a doggy to say? Ha! I find new words fun, even though sometimes I am not quite sure what they all mean exactly. She and dada took us on a walk this morning. It was cold out, even though it is now the spring season. We put two doggy fur coats on you to make sure that you would stay warm. You really love to hold your right hand up behind your stuffed animal friend and so they only put one glove on your hand because the other one is all covered by your stuffy friend. I, on the other hand, wore my doggy harness and leash for the humans. They still don’t know the route quite well enough so I need to make sure that I show them the correct way to go! It’s an essential part of our walk. We headed for the beep-beep digger truck, better known as the excavator, after we rounded a few blocks of walk diverting our pathway to go around other dogs.

You enjoyed booping the flower bushes and collected a leaf that came off of the plant when you poked it. I was much more interested in all the smells that were emerging as the ground began to thaw out. The birds were beginning their wild decent from their nests and flying to and fro and every which way. You sound just like a bird when you cheep for them. I was quite impressed the first time you did your best bird impression. We all agree, perhaps you have animal call abilities as one of your highly specialized abilities little dude. Time will tell all! I love you,



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“I’m watching you as you walk away lil’ dude.”

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