One Hundred and Sixty Five Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi lil’ dude. Today has been one of those days when I just need to nap a lot. I took a couple of naps before our big nap that we’re taking right now. Sometimes when the weather changes I feel extra sleepy. It also doesn’t help when I am cooped up inside and I accompany you and mama on the bed to hang out and do an activity. A lot of your activities require thumbs and, I don’t have thumbs, so I watch for a little bit of time and then I get tired, so I just close my eyes for a little while and then, poof! I’m asleep!

Mama and dada took us on our morning walk. We didn’t get to see a digger truck like we normally do, but we did see a pickup truck with a yellow light, and two big semi-trucks delivering things. Mama kept stopping to take pictures of flowers which I was a little bit unsure about, but I kept my eyes on her and lept up into the air whenever I was concerned about other dogs. It’s just my way of showing I care! I’m getting tired again buddy, I think I’ll take a break and snooze for a bit. Writing can be exhausting. I love you!



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Good doggy, pet, pet, good dog.

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