One Hundred and Sixty One Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi buddy! Last night I had an unfortunate puke incident. The dada came and took me outside, but I got sick in the house too. I always go over to the back door to take care of that business. I know that’s where I go to the outside land to do my #1 and #2 business so I always aim for getting to that door. Sometimes I make it, and sometimes I don’t. It all just depends on how quickly I can run. Poor human parents, they had a hard time going back to sleeps after me getting sick. That happens sometimes. I laid by mama’s side of the bed for a while making noises until she got up and told me to lay in my bed.

Then I fell asleep and the rest is doggy history. This morning we all rendezvoused and had a cuddle together. I feel great! I’m not sure why the mama and dada were mopey but we had a nice walk, play session outside and we watched some of this “movie,” called, “101 Dalmations.” I heard these doggies barking and I wasn’t sure why, so I watched the movie with you. I have not seen one of these white and black spotted friends before. They were quite entertaining, I must say! The film started out with two doggies and then there were fifteen more added, and I saw a hound doggy like myself. After that scene, I checked out and sniffed the back door until we went outside. I’m gazing out the window and telling mama what to write right for now. It’s almost time for the naps. I love you baby. 



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