One Hundred and Sixty Two Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi sweet boy. You and I had a nice walk with the dada with no rain! Then we played in the house, then outside in the mud, bark dust, and dirt. You loved scooping, moving, and pushing things with your special bin in the backyard. It was a busy time! You even had a walk with mama all the way down the street and around the corner. I heard all about it when you returned home. I watched you both until I couldn’t see you anymore on our street. I waited for you both to return home and I wondered where you went. You smelled like grass, and trees and you told me that you heard the frogs croaking.

I’m not too sure about frogs. I have only seen two in my life time. One was perching on the side of our house for some reason. The dada caught it and I saw that, and then it hopped away into the trees. The second time I saw a froggy was with you in the backyard. It had hopped into the strawberry plant that grows underneath the fence from our neighbors yard. It was a tiny, green, and quick little bugger. Mama tried to catch it to show us the froggy up close, but it hopped away quite fast and we talked about the frog for a little bit after that. I’m napping on my newly washed bed. I tuck my legs up underneath my body and I relax fully into sleeping dog mode. It’s a great position to be in. I find it quite relaxing. I love you buddy, 



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“Hello? Anyone home????”

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