One Hundred and Sixty Paws

Dear Leo,

We had a nice dry walk with the dada this morning. We saw many birds and squirrels out and about searching for early worms and seeds. My favorite thing was when you were super excited to see a truck pass us by. We search for construction trucks on our walks because it’s a theme of interest for you right now. I don’t mind them so much, as long as they stay semi-quiet and I can get all the smells I want out of the viewing spot we park at.

It makes me a little bit nervous when I see the trucks move because I don’t know where they are going to go though! I worry about our safety, that’s why I jump around and pull us sometimes. On our street we were greeted by the neighbor doggy and she was jumping all around us, so I did the same around dada, which kind of twisted my leash. She’s a happy pup with curly hair in her eyes. I like to watch her through our peek-a-boo window. Now we’re going to do the play, splash, stomp and dump business outside in our backyard for a while! I love to get all muddy, but not the, “clean the paws,” part that comes later on. I love you. 

xo’s buddy,


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“I’m coming for you Kimmy! Charge!”

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