One Hundred and Fifty Nine Paws

Dear Leo,

The rain has returned. There is something about the rain in this climate of ours that makes me want to curl up on my blankets and sleep. There is no rest for the weary dog though. We have lots to do this morning. We did the potty, the food, the change, the food, the potty, the walk, and now back to the play time. You’re really into throwing your soft toy balls back and forth and running after them.

At first, when the parents brought the balls out, I thought they were for both of us, but I soon discovered that those balls are too squishy for my mouth and I bit through them once, if I pounce bite at them, as I do the, “shake, shake, shake.” Too bad. I’m left with my toy spikes ball, and the squirrels, when you allow me to play with the squirrels. Sometimes you get quite upset if I try to play with the squirrels and you need to hug and rescue them. I’m not quite sure why you think they need recusing. Squirrels are creatures that bother us larger mammals. They’re nothing but trouble baby! Have you seen the way they taunt me? They chide from the fence and trees and then scamper away before I can have a word with them. Humph. I sound a little bit grouchy, in retrospect now I see this. Perhaps it’s because I have not started my morning nap yet. Mama has been doing a long downward doggy video and I’m ready for some winks. I’ll go check on her now. I love you baby.

xoxo, Kimmy

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