One Hundred and Fifty Eight Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi. I am feeling a little bit like that pigeon bird in those books by the Willems author guy. You know the part when the pigeon yells at the duck, “Why, why, WHY?” Sometimes I feel like that about the human rules. 

Take this for instance: How come I have to stay in the house when you go move the gnomes? Did you know that momma had 13 gnomes at one point in time? Gnomes are a thing baby. You like them a lot. I don’t quite understand the purpose behind them, but they’re always there kind of looking at me with that doe eyed, “I can’t close my eyes,” kind of look. One of the gnomes was your baby for a while, in our backyard. You would carry it around, give it mud baths, hugs, and kisses. Then, one day you dropped it and it’s pointy hat was no more. Which, honestly was totally fine by me! Haha, but don’t tell mama. We moved it to the outside table where it sits and stands guard with any flowers that you find.

Each day you move the front yard gnomes around on the patio. There are three that are quite heavy so you point to those ones and say, “Mama or Dada!” Then the big humans move those gnomes, which is good because, I’d drag the gnomes around for you if I could, but having me out front in the yard where other doggies are sometimes is a little bit too much with you, the gnomes and other toys. So I watch you. I watch out the peek-a-boo window and also from the piano room window, and sometimes I’ll run upstairs to our office aka the book room and watch from there too; if you venture too far away in the driveway, which I can’t see from the other windows. I have my spots so I can keep my eyes on you! 

I love you baby,


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Let’s hold hands and go on an adventure please!

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