One Hundred Fifty Seven Paws

Dear Leo,

BOOM! That’s what we heard a lot today. We saw eleven trucks, that includes counting the garbage truck and recycle truck that we saw twice each. We saw a, “Wheee-oooo, wheee-ooo,” truck a few times too! Something big was happening in the land of human buildings where peoples sleep and live behind our home. I’m not so sure what the happening were, but we heard a lot of sirens and I watched you and mama watch them outside of the peek-a-boo window. You and mama counted all the trucks, I stood guard and watched.

On our walk we saw more trucks and watched, waved, and observed their work on the sidewalks. You loved seeing all of the trucks and helped them work with adding some sound effects to their business. Mama stopped many times to let me get smells and take pictures of the flower, leaves, and bush things outside. I kept trying to guide her, oh so gently, towards the good smells, but she would pull me back and say, “Sit,” in her stern mama voice. So, I would reluctantly sit until I could feel the leash pull back and relax and then I’d go right back towards the smells. YOU, buddy, found all of this hilarious and laughed, and laughed, and laughed. Thanks for laughing with me, mama is so silly sometimes!

I love you buddy,


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Feeling a little sideways today.

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