One Hundred and Fifty Six Paws

Dear Leo,

Yesterday I had a little tummy troubles during our nap time. I don’t know quite what was bothering me, but I just barfed a bit and went back to napping. Then, mama and dada came to check on you and do the wake up thing, they found the gross stuff and cleaned it up. Laters, my tummy got upset again. Mama made me special snack-y food with egg and it helped me feel better. I had some chicken meat in the foods at dinner time and before bedtime. My tummy is betters.

I tried cuddling on the bed for night nights with the big humans. I didn’t last too long up there because I take up a quarter of mama’s part of the bed and dada. I was just trying to stretch out and be comfortable. I’m not sure what the problem was exactly, but I ended up sleeping in my bed, but it’s super cozy. I have a foam mattress, sleeping bag, and two cuddly towels underneath me, so it’s not so bad to get off the human’s bed. Although, it can be rather insulting, but I must say, I do understand that we all need our space from time to time. Woof! Nap time now! 



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“Knock, knock, hello?!”

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