One Hundred and Fifty Two Paws

Dear Leo,

Today is another bright, cheerful, sunny morning as a family. Our routine feels slightly different, but we’re all together as one pack right now, and that feels great. I like having everyone here at home together. You’ve started to say, “Home,” too and I know what that means! The other day you cuddled up to me when I curled up on your pillow/blanket fort. Mama took a picture of us in the fort and I must say, we probably make the cutest pair around!

Sometimes I moan or yawn when you curl up next to me because I’m a little unsure about what is happening, but I love you none the less. We took a nice long walk this morning and I encountered many, many unusual smells. You saw two small excavators moving a giant tree stump in a new property down the road. You were so excited to see if the trucks were out that you kept saying, “Beep, beep, beep, beep,” all the way around the neighborhood on our walk. I knew where we were headed because of your sound effects. I like that watching trucks spot too because it is right next to the community garden and there are so many delicious doggy smells over at that spot. I was told to, “Sit Kimmy,” so I sat for a moment and then I slowly crept over to gain the smells I was getting drifted my direction. I loved it! We saw five dogs on our walk including the husky that talks to me from behind his fence. I like him. You like him too and you greet him with your woof, woof’s from the stroller. Ok, gotta go catch up to you in the yard, it’s time to run! Love you, 

xo, Kimmy

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Hold still buddy!

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