One Hundred and Fifty One Paws

Dear Leo,

This morning all the adult humans are still here. The dada went to a grocery store for us all. We played with the mama, did the dishes, and you helped mama play the piano for a while. You seemed to like the music time a lot. You sang, “Ya ya ya ya yaaaaahhhhh,” a lot of times. I like to lay down underneath the piano so that I can feel the vibrations and be near mama’s feet. I like that feeling of closeness and belonging.

We went outside with the mama when dada returned and went on his wild doggy run out in the world. I liked our romp time in the yard. You helped mama sweep, dump dirt on the patio and then sweep some more. I chased smells in the air and then we collected dandelion flowers to keep on the table. The sun shone down on us so I felt warm and happy. You’ve taken to telling me, “No!” whenever I am eating grass or flowers now, so that’s a new thing. You’re backing up the mama and dada when they lay down the rules for me. I know that you think you’re the boss of me, but I’m really the true boss of the house aka the pack leader! I love you baby. Enjoy your oatmeal, applesauce, banana foods. I like watching you eat it, even from my bed, from afar. 



Leaning into friendship.

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