One Hundred and Fifty Three Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi. This morning you took me on a walk, mama thinks we’re all the cutest triad she’s ever seen when we go out on our morning walk and she watches from the window. She did more downward dog stuff and then some dancing video with someone talking. You were really nervous and kind of shy when mama had the dance video thing on. You walked in and out of the room, checked on the video, and then played around the mama.

Dada went on one of his long run ‘about’s’ the outside. I stood guard for all of us upstairs and checked in on you two. At one point you were playing with mama’s pilates ball and throwing it around into the empty boxes you love as your toys. I snuck off to my bed and took a little nap so that I could have energy for after the morning workouts. I needed my energies because we played outside in the yard and I must do at least ten circles or figure eights in the yard to get my fill of sunshine and run time in. Then we put dirt on the patio, swept it off and did that again a few more times. We watched the neighbor mow part of their lawn through the fence and I raced back and forth to make you laugh while you were saying, “Hi!” to the neighbors. I love you baby. Have a nice nap, see you in the sunshine dream. 



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