One Hundred and Fifty Paws

Dear Leo,

Today has been a sunny day for us all. You, dada, and I went on a walk early in the morning time. Mama did the downward doggy yoga and we walked around our neighborhood. We saw the garbage truck and some squirrels. We looked for the big construction trucks, but we didn’t see any this morning. Well, maybe I should back up a little bit here.

When we were about to do the stroller leash, harness deal in the garage dad suddenly scooped you up and ran to the front door. I was left in the garage wondering what in the world was going on. I soon realized it was the garbage truck hello and good bye’s that were happening outside. I don’t always play a part in that game. I do like the garbage worker, quite a bit because you like them too. It’s the same person each week and that brings you a lot of joy. We wave, “HI!!! And provide ample sound effects for the pickup of the cans.” I like to stand at our peek-a-boo window and wait for you and the parent human to come back inside. My favorite part of the whole thing is knowing that we’ll soon go on a special walk together for our morning exercise which is my favorite. I lead the way and perk up my ears when I see someone or something coming. I have a little bit of extra pep in my step today because I just had a bath with the soap yesterday, so I’m a shiny dog. Nap time!

Love you buddy,



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“You check the dirt like this Leo…”

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