One Hundred and Forty Nine Paws

Dear Leo,

When we were on our walk today I learned all about different kinds of trucks. We saw an excavator truck, a dump truck, a miniature excavator and a flagger worker with a big sign. I focused on the smells next to the side walk that dada pointed out to me. I had a great time snuffling and sniffing at the ground. I was pretty sure that I smelled skunk, which, for the record is not a kitty cat.

Suddenly you were signing, “More and saying, boom!” The flagger person waved at you when you said, “HI!” I wagged my tail unsurely because I worry about the smells of humans that I do not recognize. You were super excited about the excavator truck and told your wolfie-stuffed animal and I about it all the way home. There was a a lot of descriptions using, “Beep beeps and boom’s,” that filled the air as we made our way back home. Thanks for always filling me in on the things I should learn about in life. You’re a good teacher Leo. Keep it up baby. 



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Gentle pet practices are the best!

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