One Hundred and Forty Eight Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi baby. We have had the nicest sunny weather for the last two days! I loved the sunshine so much this morning that I rolled around in it. You tried to help me roll around too. Mama laid down a towel for me on the grassy area and I decided that it would make a perfect place to roll around and model how to play, roll, and chew on a toy at the same time. We did quite well for a while, but then I got hot, so I needed a shadier spot. I absorb the heat really well because of my hair and sometimes I need to cool off and relax outside of the sun spots.

You also had so much fun going down your slide and saying, “Yay!” once you got to the grass. You’ve gotten so good at balancing on the slide. You’re an expert, but what I can tell. I love that you want to share everything with me, slide time, ball time, toy time, walk time, outside time, it’s reassuring and helpful for me to know that I am needed in this way. It gives my doggy self a purpose each day. Thanks buddy. 



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Hey, it’s Friday. Let’s bring on the sunshine please. Xo, Kimmy

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