One Hundred and Forty Seven Paws

Dear Buddy,

There is something being talked about with mama and dada, and in the air that smells of: fear. I’m not quite sure what it is all about, but I know one thing, I am taking extra naps and rest to make sure that my doggy vibe is vibrating high and helpful. I know that when mama and dada get worried about things, they need me to be there to help share calm feelings to make us all feel better. There’s no need to worry and stress, so I give extra cuddles and kisses to makes sure we’re all feeling good. 

Today was the day that you were born! Yesterday was the day that the mama went into labor with you. I remember that day quite vividly. Bella and I accompanied mama upstairs and helped her nap for a little bit. Then you started moving around extra strange so we gave mama closer cuddles and she did a lot of breathing. She used this thing on her phone to click when she was breathing. I remember dada coming home and taking the bag and mama in the car. Then Uncle Tom came and got me and gave me lots of pets with my doggy bag.

I was a good doggy when I stayed with our cousins. I did my best to wear the special doggy shoe booties in their house and I didn’t bark when the Daisy dog barked. Then after a while, I don’t remember how long, grandma came and got me and brought me back home. I could smell you the minute I came in the house. I was so excited that I stood up on my hind legs and walked around your baby holder. Then I got to sniff your head a little bit and I laid down and watched you and mama. I did a lot of watching and waiting for the first few days. Then I got used to your smells and sounds. Bella took care of all the nursing details and I would boop mama awake or in general if you started making sounds for food. I helped remind her to take good care of you when you were tiny. I love you so much buddy. Keep growing and sharing your opinions. We love it, and you. 



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