One Hundred and Forty Six Paws

Dear Leo,

Mama said that today we were going to do a little cleaning. That turned into a lot of loud human music, machines running, and you joyfully helping. I wasn’t so sure about all the work that was going on, so I hid under the piano and waited it all out. Every now and then I would poke my head out from the music room and look down the hallway. Sure enough, I’d still see you and the mama sucking up all the cobwebby’s from the wall and I just went back to my rest time.

I knew that I was probably just waiting it out, but I’ve been around long enough to know that once the humans start the cleaning zone, it’s going to take a while until they are finished. It’s not my favorite thing in the world. I like to play, eat my foods, cuddle, and lay in the sunshine. Speaking of sunshine, it’s sunny outside now. We’re both taking a little nap though so I know that when we wake up we’ll get to play in that sunshine. For now I am relaxing after the mornings festivities of clean zones and I look forward to our play time baby! I love you more than all the balls in the yard.



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Cuddle bugs.

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