One Hundred and Forty Five Paws

Dear Leo,

Today was a partially sunny start to our day. We had a nice romp about the yard and then we helped mama trim some of the plants in our garden. You helped her bring the yard debris out, glass bin, and then watch the garbage truck rumble by! You LOVE the garbage pickup day. It’s pretty exciting, if you ask me, but it is a loud experience, for sure!

When we were out on our daily walk we encountered the glass recycle bin five times! You were overjoyed to show me and your wolf stuffed animal that giant truck. You kept saying, “Boom, boom, boom!” as the truck went by us. We even saw it make a U-turn on our street.

Later, we worked in the yard again, but this time you were pretending to be a truck driver. You moved the empty glass bin around and around, and around saying, “Boom! Baby boom!” I helped you recreate things by running about and checking on you when you slid down your slide. You always call me over to the slide whenever you make it down the ramp. I think you like an audience and that you hope I’ll lick your ears. Just to keep you on your toes, I wait until you least expect it and then I’ll give you a really good slurp! 



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