One Hundred and Forty Four Paws

Dear Baby,

Today is another sunshine day in Oregon. We had a nice walk outside with the momma and your Snoopy dog this morning. You sat cuddled in your stroller with a warm blanket on you because it was super cold outside. My paws were cold, but I loved that the sun warmed my back as we walked together. We saw three dogs on our walk and I jumped up for each one of them because I was so excited to see other four legged friends. Sometimes I have a hard time remembering the rules and not jumping. Mama reminded me though, and you call for me to tell me to stay with you. I love it when you talk to me from your stroller.

A lot of the time you want me to walk right up next to you so you can see me, but momma holds my leash so that I am secure and following directions. I do my best to be there for you both. When we got home I relaxed in the sunshine spot on the carpet and soaked up some rays while you and momma got ready for your play date at the park.

When you got home you smelled like sand, sunshine, and outside. I’m not sure how long you were gone, because to be honest, I fell into a long, deep, nap sleep while you were out. You told me all about the park when you came inside though! It sounded like there was a big sandbox, bark dust, and lots of trucks. You kept saying, “Boom, boom, boom and rawer!” I inferred that all meant that there were a lot of fun trucks for you to play with and that you had the best time outside! I’m glad that you got to soak up the shine too. We’ll play more together in our yard and explore some nature later. I love you buddy!



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