One Hundred and Forty Three Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi buddy! Today it was so cold outside that the tips of the grass, the plants, and our slide was all frosty. Mama read a book about, “Jack Frost,” once and I was listening. I’m not really sure how all of this nature stuff works, but this I know: it is cold on one’s paws when the ground is frosty. Never the less, we persevered and PLAYED hard. You were super busy pulling the red bin around and I raced a bit in the yard while you worked on scooping dirt and placing it into the bin.

Next up was exploring time! We investigated the long grass, old hops, and twine in the yard. It was quite interesting if I do say so myself. I loved when you patted my back and held onto me while we took some steps to inspect the territory together. You and Mama are going to take me on a walk later today, I hope, the sunshine is out! We couldn’t have our normal walk time in the morning because you had your swim class. You came back from that place with a semi-wet head and whining about your foot. So you took your stuffed rabbit and had him kiss your boo-boo. I didn’t see any boo-boo though…neither did mama. We both checked it out for you lil’ dude.

Speaking of little dudes, that’s what we used to call you when you were in the mama belly and were first born. You’re still my little dude, but we don’t call you that as much anymore. You are a big-little, or little-big, I’m not sure which way around is the correct to say. I love you!

Nap on buddy,


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