One Hundred and Forty One Paws

Dear Buddy,

The sunshine was out again this morning. It shone down on us when we were romping about in the backyard. I loved it when mama was weeding in the garden box thing because then you grabbed your trowel and helped with the gardening. So invariably, so did I! We like to check out all the blooms, the flowers that pop up each day, and where the squirrels have been digging. Sometimes we find new squirrels spots and we fill those up with dirt.

Your balance has gotten really good lil’ dude. You can carry a trowel full of dirt from one garden box, all the way across the patio, and bumpy ground to your castle. I’m not really sure why you want to put dirt on your castle, but never the less, it’s a fun time! Then we were blowing the dirt and it flew all over me when I got next to you. I guess I should have known that something was up when you got super quiet and focused on the dirt you had poured on the steps of the castle. Mama knows this song from a guy called Sondheim. There’s a line in it that goes, “On the steps of the palace!” Sometimes she sings it when you climb up the castle. I don’t always understand why the humans do the things that they do, but I enjoy them. I like the music and the songs. I even like the dancing you all do, but sometimes I get really excited about it and then I want to run around, so I do! I love you baby. See you after our nap time!



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Look closely!

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