One Hundred and Forty Paws

Dear Leo,

Today we had a surprise in the backyard when we had our morning play time! Grammie came to visit us! I was so ecstatic that I jumped like a Lipizzaner stallion again and again and again. Then the greeting time came to an end and I needed to cool my jets, as momma says. We showed Grammie all the tricks and trades we do outside. You showed her all the baby plants, the blooms, the purple flower, the balls and your trowels. I showed her how to run figure eights around the castle slide. Then we moved onto moving the balls along the fence and climbing down to retrieve them. Sometimes I will follow you when you get into this project, most of the time I watch you and hope that you’ll throw the ball back to me once you get it into your hands. Sometimes you share the ball or sometimes not. It all kind of depends on where we are in the game time.

I have learned how to be patient about toys. Every now and then I’ll come up and gently grab the toy with my mouth and race around as if to say, “I got it! I got it! It’s mine!” Then I’ll usually give it back when I’m told to drop it. Momma and dada will have to help with the sharing of toys occasionally. We’re both still working on that skill together.

Anyway, then we moved to the inside games and toys with grammie. You showed her where to put your rain suit, boots, and how to wipe my paws. I assisted in the dumping of the stuffed animal bin and toy bin in our piano room. I love it when there are things all over the place because then, invariably, I find something to nibble on or snuffle. I’ll even sneak away and sit with it, just mouthing it and getting it to smell just right. It’s time for a rest now little guy. I love you!



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