One Hundred and Forty Two Paws

Dear Leo,

Today was one of those days where we are reminded of just how rainy it can be outside. I went out in the rain two times. Once by myself and then once with you and momma. I stood on the tiny little stoop by the door waiting to come inside first thing this morning, momma towel dried me off, which I much appreciated. Most of the time the rain kind of slides off of me, but I still feel wet! 

Later when we were outside together, I kept standing and trying to get my smells, but everything was magnified by the rain. I had a hard time picking out the squirrel scents in the yard. I watched you plop about in the rain with your froggy suit on. You loved that the puddles were back in the yard. You said, “Yay!” and then stomped in them.

After that you decided to sit on the side of the garden box and hang out, so I waited some more in the rain. Momma didn’t like that I wanted to lick the water you were investigating, but it got me a fast tracked route back inside to the dry towels, so that was great! I watched you and momma check out all the front yard gnomes and puddles. You said hi to me from our secret spy window, that was super fun! I could hear you say, “Hi-hi! Hiiii!” You’ve got a very distinctive voice when you’re talking, I love it. Thanks for playing inside with me. Maybe we’ll take a less rainy walk this afternoon together? Who knows? Love you buddy. 



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