One Hundred and Thirty Nine Paws

Dear Leo,

The sunshine is back today and I am so dog-gone happy about it! Did you see what I did there? I used a pun, “Dog-gone.” haha. I have picked up a thing or two from mama and dada about words. I try to be funny every now and then. I know that I am rather expressive with my facial features and ears, but I let my words do the real talking, especially if I am startled. I really found my voice once you were born. I never barked, or at least that is what mama and dada never heard from me. I would play growl, and sigh or grunt, but I never barked. Then suddenly you came along and it was a game changer in many ways. But one important way was the fact that I needed to protect you, so barking just came out of me to cover that base.

It has now morphed into a bark followed by a growl, especially if someone knocks on the door or if the garage door opens suddenly without warning me, the guard first. I don’t particularly like barking, but I can sound pretty darn convincing, if you ask me. I use a sharp woof sound, like my cousin Daisy dog taught me, and then I follow it up with a firm low growl to make sure that the meaning is punctuated. I know that you are part dog too because you growl with me, and then if mama or dada ask what is going on, you’ll growl some more to let them know that I growled. It’s a class act, the pair of us. We communicate well little one. Thanks for being my back up doggy. I love you!



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