One Hundred and Thirty Eight Paws

Dear Buddy,

Thank you for the sweet cuddle hug when you came home from swim class. I now know that when your head is wet and you smell funny it’s because you went to the place called, “the pool.” Mama said you were really brave today. You practiced floating on your back two times with you teacher, albeit, you weren’t particularly fond of the experience, but you did it! That’s what being brave is all about lil’ guy.

Sometimes I have to practice being brave too. For instance, when I go to the vet and they poke and prod me with things, I’m super brave because I know that mama and dada want me to be ok and they take me there so I can get help. Although, I don’t like it, I am brave and I do my best. Mama says that’s all you can do, your best! So, our best is what we do, and I am proud of you.

I liked when you walked up the stairs too after our snack time. You followed me right upstairs. That’s the first time that you chose to walk all the way up the stairs after me. I think I provided some good inspiration for you! At least that’s what I would like to think. You were excited to move our trucks around and play before our nap time. I drank some water to hydrate up for all of our dreams to come. You’re all snuggly under your blanket now and so am I, on the parent’s bed. Shhh, don’t tell them. I love you buddy.



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Point your nose towards the sunlight friends!

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