One Hundred and Thirty Seven Paws

Dear Leo,

The sun is SHINING! I was so happy to spend time in the sun together. Dada was home with us and we got to play, run, dig, scoot, and be silly together. You had a special stick that you dug, dug, dug in the ground with. You dug all over the yard with that stick. Then, when you were done digging you shared the stick with me. I tasted it and it tasted like a normal stick, a run of the mill regular woody thing. I gnawed on it a little bit, but the mama and dada told me no more because sometimes the wood and grass I try to eat hurts my tummy.

We went on a family walk and saw our neighbor. I love to jump to say hi to her, but that’s not super polite, per the parents, so I try to jump, but farther back. She has a doggy who can’t hear well, and he is part hound dog like me! He has a very distinctive, (that means characteristic or quality) voice that goes, “Woof, woof, woof,” and then he smells the ground for a trail or pathway. Sometimes I do that too, especially if it has rained and all the smells come alive from the ground. Anyway, she is a nice neighbor. She likes us doggies, and she likes to talk to you. You said, “HI!” really loudly and so we chatted with her for a minute. I kept trying to jump up and be friendly too. So we finally started our walk and we watched for squirrels and cats, and saw a lot of both of them. You snuggled your blue bunny stuffed animal and I lead the way. It was a stellar walk, if I do say so myself. I loved that we were all together and in the sunny sunshine. I am curled up on the bed dreaming about you right now. Thanks for being my buddy. xo,


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Quick pets, let’s go back to exploration time buddy.

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