One Hundred and Thirty Six Paws

Dear Kimmy,

Yesterday was a big day, or morning for you. Mama and I took you to the vet. I can say vet because it rhymes with the word jet. I learned that yesterday. I was really excited about the rhyming factor. I like to say the word jet, whenever I see an airplane in the sky. It’s one of my favorite things to look for when we’re outside. Well, that and squirrels, oh and cats…I guess there are a lot of things that I like to look for! Anyway, we had a good drive to the vet and I helped you into the clinic. You did a good job trying to be calm. I laughed a lot because you were so wiggly, and I love it when you wiggle around Kimmy! You’re such a funny dog. Mama read us books while we waited for your vet doctor to come in. She read to you, and me and my finger puppets. At the end of every page I would call your name so that mama wouldn’t forget to show you the pictures too. Sometimes you would look at the page, or boop it with your nose, or lick it.

When the vet came in and she listened to your chest, looked in your mouth, your nose, and your ears. I watched, and watched, and watched. It was really interesting to see how she checked to make sure you were healthy. When the vet left the room I said, “Bye bye,” and then we left too. I liked that part because we went back to the car and had snacks together. I shared some of my snacks with you. Sometimes it’s hard to share snacks because they’re so tasty! I’m glad that I could be at your appointment with you. I love you Kim-Kim. Maybe you can come to my next doctor appointment too? xo, 


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The boy and me, my buddy.

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