One Hundred and Thirty Five Paws

Dear Buddy,

Today started out like most of our days together, the diaper, the changing, the foods, and the playing outside. However, things took a change for the worse when mama said we had to go to the vet place. Now, I know what the vet is, I especially know what it smells like. I even can recognize the smell when we are outside of the place itself. We went to the place that should not be mentioned, as I have referred to it before. I was a brave dog and we all piled out of the car and into the vet. You did a great job of observing, sharing, and talking about things when we were at my appointment. I, on the other hand, had a lot of feelings about the situation at hand or paw, however you want to look at it. I was so worried I kept panting and moving around. I could hardly sit still I was so nervous.

When the vet was looking in my ears and listening to my chest I started shaking because it made me feel anxious to have a human that close to me that wasn’t one from our pack. So my solution to the problem was to lean into you, in your stroller and mama. You watched really intently. Mama and you talked to the vet when she looked up at you. You said exactly what I was hoping to hear once they finished with the exam, “Bye bye,” but alas, they took me back to the room with the scared feeling smells and you and mama waited for me. The vet and vet tech did the unspeakable. They tried to touch me where I do the potty business and I wasn’t about to let that happen. So I sat down, and I tucked my tail in so hard that I refused for them to do anything. I went running out to you and mama, and I headed for the door once we were reunited. It took mama a moment to get me calmed down, and then we finally exited. I haven’t been so happy to sniff fresh air form the other side of a door in a very long time. Needless to say, I am napping, soundly on the couch and mama and you gave me extra loves. We took a walk, had a snack, and then I decided the best thing for me to do was to nap for the rest of the day. That’s my plan for now, unless peanut butter or play time come up, I might get up for either of those things, but I’ll just nap it out and see if something good arises. I love you baby. xo, Kimmy


Oh and I forgot to mention. Thank you for sharing your car snacks with me after my vet appointment. It made me feel so much better to have a little treat, especially coming from my best friend. 

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By my side is where you’ll be. ❤

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