One Hundred and Thirty Four Paws

Dear Kimmy,

I just want you to know that you’re my favorite being to cuddle with. I love to snuggle into your side and rub my face in your doggy fur. Sometimes I get a little more than I bargained for in terms of doggy hair, but momma and dada take care of that for me. You always nuzzle me, give me ear and face kisses and talk to me about life when we cuddle. One of my favorite spots to cuddle together is on the parent’s bed. There is an endless supply of pillows too! I like to face plant into pillows and then crawl over to you. Usually you share your feelings of some sort when I crawl over to you. Momma calls them, “Yawn sighs,” she said that you didn’t used to do them, but now you do! I guess it’s because you’re telling me how much you missed me while I napped or had to go to night-night bed. 

One thing I noticed about our cuddle times is that you always seem to be on a bed, or a couch. You have good taste doggy! I like the couch and the big beds too. Earlier today you were all curled up in a big Kimmy dog circle on the couch and I popped up there, crawled towards you and nuzzled in. You promptly hopped off of the bed and then proceeded to yawn sigh in the family room. We ventured upstairs for the nap time and you made yourself comfortable on the big parent bed. As soon as I crawled over to you after my diaper business, you moved to the other side of the bed. I guess there’s more than just me that needs a nap! Hehehee, have a good nap Kim-Kim. I love you best buddy. 

Love your baby,


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Taking time to smell my garden flowers!

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