One Hundred and Thirty Three Paws

Dear Leo,

Currently it is night-night time and mama is writing for me while I snooze on my bed. You helped tuck me in and give me treats before your bath time. It’s our ritual thing. You holler for me, pounce on my bed, and then hand me treats. I like this time of the day or night, because it’s about me, Kimmy the dog. Then I get to give you lots of kisses while you get undressed because, baby skin is so tasty! 

Earlier today we were playing in the back yard and you handed me my ring toy, which was fine and dandy. I chewed it for a little bit, but then you decided to hand it back to me after I had put it on the ground. That was ok, I guess, but I decided to paw you over and play, but it didn’t work out that way.  You ended up with a face in the grass/dirt and mama saying, “No Kimmy.” I was so very confused about what the no was about in the first place. Never the less, I was happy when we went on a walk with dada. You brought a cup with snacks and thought it was absolutely hysterical to show me each of your crackers and then pop it into your mouth. “Nom, nom,” I eat crackers too baby, but honestly, when we’re on a walk, nothing else matters. I’m outside! I’m with our family! We’re on a walk, life was great! 

I love you, sweet dreams lil’ dude. 



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Checking on the spring blooms!

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