One Hundred and Thirty Two Paws

Dear Leo,

It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood baby. You and I had a nice romp about the backyard. You find it extremely funny to slide down your slide with a ball in your hand. I run from the stairs to the slide and wait for you. Each and every time you slide down you have the ball ready for me and you shout, “BA-LL!” And each and every time I wag my tail to tell you that I am happy and that I want to play.

You came over to me when I was playing with the green spiky ball and said, “Pah-lease,” so that I would drop the ball for you. I did, begrudgingly with mama’s help. After that I ran around super fast, crazy dog like to get my energies flowing really well. It helps me to run, run, run, especially if I am having a hard time sharing the toys. I hear you calling for me from your bed while the mama writes for me. I think you want to get up and play, but we haven’t even napped yet lil’ dude. What’s up with that?! I love you! Now, “Nigh-nigh,” as you say!



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Teaching how to pet, continuing onto year two now with this strategy. ❤

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