One Hundred and Thirty One Paws

Dear Leo,

Hello little buddy. Guess what? The sun is out once again. This is the best news EVER! We had a lot of fun throwing the bouncy balls, you going on the slide, and romping around in the backyard this morning. There is something about the sunshine that ignites the puppy in me. I couldn’t help myself whenever you would slide down the big red slide, I would get super duper jazzed up and circle around and around the yard to show you just how excited I truly was.

After that you and the mama had a nice little exploration time and then we all took a walk. The air was super cold, but the sun was shining down on us. You and mama went on some kind of adventure together. You came back smelling like slides, feet, and grass. I think you went to a small human park of some kind. I thoroughly investigated you and you seemed happy so I felt good to focus on the banana time that was up next. We’re both snoozing now. I love you Leo. Thanks for being my puppy dog baby. 



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Curled up, balled up, for sleep time today.

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