One Hundred and Thirty Paws

Dear Leo,

Guess what little buddy? The sun is back again today! Hip, hip, hooray, as we say! You said, “Yay,” so many times this morning during several play sessions outside that I lost count. You came back from an adventure with mama talking about big, “Booms!” I can only presume that meant that you saw a lot of trucks on your trip.

I know that we watched a cement mixer truck for a good long time together this morning. They were pouring out stuff onto the ground, and the workers were smoothing it out in between these wood boards. You were fascinated. Me? I thought we were supposed to sniff the ground over by where we stopped to watch, so that’s what I tried to do, sniff, sit, sniff, sit, sniff. Mama took a picture of us and I kept trying to walk back over to mama, and she would laugh with you and say, “No, no Kim-Kim, sit!” I don’t understand why she wanted me to sit next to you! I needed to be with her, with the leash, so that she wouldn’t get lost along the way!

Sweet dreams little guy, I love you,


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Quarantine day: YAWWWWWWWN.

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