One Hundred and Twenty Nine Paws

Dear Leo,

The. Sun. Has. RETURNED! Cue all that loud music that mama and dada play please because, THIS, is a moment to behold. The sky began to clear part way through our walk this morning and I was overjoyed. We went back outside and played together, and then you went on a, “walk exploration adventure,” with the mama out in the front and down the street. You told me that you were watching construction, looking for cats, and squirrels and all sorts of nature things. I had so much fun with you in the backyard. It felt grand to romp around and be in the sun’s rays! There is nothing quite like soaking up my beloved vitamin D and living my best doggy life with my baby best friend. Thank you nature for bringing back some much needed sunshine our way.
Oh! I almost forgot. You and the mama moved all the big dirt pots back into the sunshine. There are tiny green plants sprouting up from them! Mama was so excited about the plant sprouts. She was teaching you what they were called, how to look at them, and how to touch them. I knew that I probably shouldn’t bump into them if I were to jump over or through the plant box. I love to romp through that empty box because, well, I can, quite frankly! I’ll be extra careful now where I put my paws, because the baby plants are growing and we say hi to them every day. Happy nap time baby.

xo, Kimmy

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