One Hundred and Twenty Eight Paws

Dear Leo,

One of the Mimi grandma’s visited today. I was so excited about her coming to see us that I ran around the house without getting my paws wiped first. Momma had some feelings about that because I raced around and back and forth over the carpet. You thought I was quite funny, but I had to lay down when mama said, “Stop!” So I stopped and she wiped my paws. Then I calmed down and gave grandma my attention. She needed me to give her loves and I needed some doggy pets.

Next we played fort time, pull things off the shelves, trucks go, “Beep beep beep,” and fit the tiny people into the trucks. I helped you climb up the stairs and we showed the Mimi all the things in the library room. You have wooden trucks, block/balls and big bears from our Auntie Debbie’s collection. Sometimes I just rest my chin on the window sill and I relax watching the cars and people go by. You help me look out the window and say, “Whoooo whoooo,” if a firetruck or ambulance goes by. I love to watch for our mama and dada to come home. I look for their cars or listen for the garage door to make noise. Whenever someone comes home I sound the alarm with barks and running back and forth. Mama and dada were surprised that I started barking after you were born. “I found my voice,” as they say because for the first two years of my life I wouldn’t bark, but merely whine or growl when I was playing. I am usually a pretty quiet doggy, but I do like to let my pack know when someone is around that shouldn’t be!  I need another nap. I love you LDB. 

xo, Kimmy

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