One Hundred and Twenty Seven Paws

Dear Buddy,

This morning was a little bit of an early rise kind of day. You and the momma got up at six when the sun hadn’t even come up yet. But, dad got up at 4:30 in the morning to get in his long run. Oh my puppy stars! I was not sure why he would get up so early, but he did. So I got up too, and then I slept on the bed with the momma to make sure she would have good dreams until we were supposed to get up. Sometimes I need to snooze near you and momma to make sure that you both soak up all the good doggy vibes I send out to you. 

Here is my take on sleep times: we should all nap and sleep as much as possible because it helps us to have energies to run, play, eat, and then have more fun in general. I love to take naps. For instance, I curled up in your blanket fort today and made myself cozy on all the pillows that the parents had laid out for you. They were pretty cozy and soft. I had not slept in the fort for quite some time. You even came in the fort to snuggle and visit me, I yawned a bunch to show my displeasure in being bothered during nap time, but you still flopped around on me.

Later, when I was sleeping in the fort again, I didn’t even worry about the bananas that you were eating. Surprisingly, I was just needing a nap, so a nap is what I gave myself. You’re napping right now and I think you needed it because you didn’t talk or sing much after the momma put you in the sleeping spot. You just went right to the dream land and that’s where I’ll meet you now baby. I love you,



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Momentary pauses between paw movements!

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