One Hundred and Twenty Six Paws

Dear Leo,

Today I had another one of those unspeakable events transpire, a bath. Momma started it all very inconspiculously. She was going in and out of the bedroom and the bathroom. She brought towels out, moved the curtain, pulled out the cup and all the dog shampoo and leash. Then she said, “Ok Kimmy, come on sweet girl,” and I started shaking because I knew what was about the happen. I was about to get all wet! Sure enough. She helped me down off of her bed, you came in to help me too, and then I was in the bathroom.

I hopped right into the tub like a good doggy dog because I knew that putting off the inevitable was not a good decision. It is best to just bear down and face the facts, a bath was happening whether I liked it or not. I did my best and mama and you told me I did a great job. I got lots of pets, cookies, and doggy attention. I feel clean and shiny now, but I am not about to tell mama that because I don’t want another one of those baths any time soon. Thank you very much! Oh and by the way, when mama reads you the book, “The Pigeon Needs A Bath,” that Pigeon really does have a point. Nap time now, for sure.



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