One Hundred and Thirteen Paws

Dear Leo,

This rain is starting to get to me baby. I mean it’s interfering with my sunshine time in or outside of the house. We played in the rain even though I got my paws wet. I tried to stay dry, but then I had the desire to just RUN, so I gave in and ran around through the mud and puddles. You had a grand time playing as well. You laughed so much when I ran around. I loved that.

Then you were really busy with momma’s garden gnome. You picked it up, hugged and kissed it and then gave it some mud baths. You transferred him to a new home and then scooped puddles of muddy water with your shovel or trowel thing. I love our outside time, even in the rain, I must admit it. 



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“Throw the ball buddy, come on!”

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